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Reference - Useful reference material on Lion Dance books: this list is by no means extensive and in time will expand.

Popular Traditions & Customs of Chinese New Year

Popular Traditions and Customs of Chinese New Year
Author: Jade Lim
An interesting book published by Cypress Book Co. UK Ltd. Based solely on the traditional customs leading up to and the 15 days during the Chinese New Year festival it concisely explains the various components that make up this festival. There is a short chapter on explaining the Chinese lion and dragon dance which are commonly seen during this period in many of the Chinatowns around the UK and world.

Well worth buying this book if only to learn about the Chinese culture and their many traditions and customs during this period in the lunar calendar.

Lion Dance book

Wu Shi Yun Dong Jiao Cheng (Lion Dance Exercise Book)
Author: Duan Quan Wei
An interesting book published by Gaodeng Jiaoyu Tiyu Jiaocai. Sadly this book is written solely in Chinese, no English whatsoever.

However, this is still a very interesting book to flick through as it shows in-depth the northern lion dance with is various tricks and stunts and the Hok San lion dance and how they jump on and across the mei-hue jong – plum blossom poles and showing clearly the stance and footwork required that is now the more common competition style of southern lion dance, especially in Malaysia and Singapore.

This book clearly and concisely shows the often neglected northern lion dancing. There are section showing the basic hand movements and footwork, but it also show the movements and acrobatic skills of the lion teaser, basic routines with paired lion and the compulsory three table routine with the lion teaser and paired lions.


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