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Rob LangwithProfile: Robert Langwith – Si Hing – London Pak Mei Pai
My martial arts background started when I was 12 when i did 2 years Wado Ryu Karate. I then didn't start martial arts again untill I was 19 when a lodger I was living with introduced me to martial arts again. I was very influenced by his advice and learnt about different styles and was given books.

Three particular styles I was given advice to learn about were Hsing Yi, Pa Qua and Pak Mei. I also was told a good starting point would be to learn Wing Chun, where I could get to grips more with chinese Kung Fu. I went to learn with Sifu Terry Escort and stayed there for 2 years. In between this I would try styles like Northern Shaolin and Sun Kun Do.Rob Langwith

I then discovered a Sifu teaching all three classic internal styles and started learng Hsing Yi Quan. There I met a student named Ryun Evans who had a solid Hung Kuen background. I left and started training and working with him, learning Hsing Yi. I stayed learning this style until I was captivated by the talks of Pak Mei and the power and secrecy of the style.

In between this transitional period I also studied under Sifu Paul Whitrod.  I spent 2 years learning the infamous Chow Gar Tong Long a powerful Hakka system.

I then eventually decided to learn Pak Mei and have been deeply drawn into the style. I believe my training really started at this point... I have been studying authentic Pak Mei Kung Fu consistently now for over 5 years.

I have spent most of these years training in the private security sector and learning the ways of White Eyebrow Kung Fu and traditional lion dance.


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