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Stress in the workplace:
In 2004 the BUPA health information team published a report estimating that over six million working days were lost to work-related stress, linking stress as a causative factor in many illnesses, both major and minor.

"Modern life is being perpetually stressed out"
Tony Blair - Labour Party Conference - 2004

For the majority of us, work is a significant part of our lives. Many of us may spend around 25% of our adult lives working. It provides not only a regular income and therefore spending ability, but also gives structure to our lives, giving a sense of purpose and satisfaction.
Our workplace however can also be a major source of stress and worry.

What is stress?
Stress is a natural response in the body as it prepares to face a threat: whether real or perceived. During stress, the balance between the sympathetic (prepares body systems during emergency situations) and the parasympathetic (conserves energy, promotes relaxation, rest and repair) nervous systems are overridden.

Situations or stimuli, known as "stressors", trigger certain responses. Stressors can be acute, causing short-lived effects, or chronic causing long-term changes to the body.

Harnessed properly, pressure can be a hugely productive force, but when demands and pressures become excessive they lead to stress. When stress is experienced over a long period of time, it can lead to mental and physical ill health.

Symptoms of work-related stress:
Work-related stress can manifest itself as physical and emotional health problems, and as altered ways of behaving at work and at home.

Typical triggers of stress include:

  • lack of control over work
  • excessive time pressures
  • excessive or inflexible working hours
  • too much or too little work or responsibility
  • confusion about duties and responsibilities
  • lack of job variety and interest
  • inadequate training and possibilities for learning new skills
  • poor work/life balance
  • difficult relationships at work
  • lack of support and lack of contact with colleagues
  • organisational confusion, restructuring, job change
  • uncertainty over job prospects

Physical symptoms

  • increased susceptibility to colds and other infections
  • headaches
  • muscular tension
  • backache and neck pain
  • excessive tiredness
  • difficulty sleeping
  • digestive problems
  • raised heart rate
  • increased sweating
  • lower sex drive
  • skin rashes
  • blurred vision

Emotional & behavioural changes

  • wanting to cry much of the time
  • feeling that you can't cope
  • irratability at work and at home
  • feeling that you've achieved nothing at the end of the day
  • eating when you're not hungry
  • losing your appetite
  • smoking and drinking to get you through the day
  • inability to plan, concentrate and control work
  • getting less work done
  • poor relationships with colleagues or clients
  • loss of motivation and commitment

Corporate Wellbeing
As stress is part of this century’s fast moving, fast thinking lifestyle, stress management has rightly become a concern for organisations keen on maintaining productivity and creativity.

If you are looking for an effective solution to combat the physical and mental effects of stress in the workplace, then on-site tui na massage and/or ear acupuncture could be the answer.

Regular on-site tui na massage and/or ear acupuncture can boost energy levels, improve morale and potentially reduce staff turnover and absenteeism.

People make businesses work...
A business is dependent upon its people to work together as a motivated and appreciated team. Effective people are healthy in body and mind, fully able to deliver their best performances.

Many of today’s businesses are held back by staff feeling they lack appreciation, by gossip and lack of cohesion. Managers are concerned about managing stress in the office and preventing illnesses that can arise from repetitive work.

In Chinese medicine the smooth flow of Qi (Vital Energy) is responsible for good health, where Qi is blocked or stagnates then pain or illness occurs.

The stresses and strains of our modern life have a very negative effect on this smooth flow of energy and our bodies literally make themselves ill or open themselves up to outside influences, as we wear ourselves down so our immune system weakens. It therefore makes sense for us to strengthen our bodies defence system to ward off illness and this is achievable by regular ear acupuncture and on-site massage sessions.

Available Options for Corporate Clients:
There are a few options in setting up on-site massage therapy & acupuncture: the employer may:

  • offer the programme as an ongoing benefit to employees;
  • pay the hourly rate (minimum two hours scheduled);
  • be invoiced per treatment (minimum six treatments billed);
  • simply provide the space and employees pay for their own treatments;

For corporate rates on on-site tui na massage and/or ear acupuncture, please do not hesitate to enquire by email.

Benefits of on-site tui na massage and/or ear acupuncture?
More and more organisations are finding that looking after the well-being of staff is something they cannot ignore - not only does it have real benefits, it is now also a legal obligation.

With today's high pressure living and working environment more and more people are suffering from stress-related illnesses, including back problems, repetitive strain injuries and other postural and physical problems caused by sitting at workstations for long periods of time. Receiving massage and/or ear acupuncture, especially in the workplace, helps create awareness in the recipient of their posture and their body in general making them more receptive to healthy attitudes and ideas.

By providing health benefits to your employees, you are in turn specifically benefiting your organisation by:

Benefits to the organisation

  • Reducing likelihood of absence from work due to stress-related conditions
  • Demonstrating a progressive approach to the wellbeing of employees and showing staff you care!
  • Increasing staff morale and motivation, helping to improve productivity

Benefits to the individual

  • Relaxes muscles, releases tension and eases aches and pains
  • Can help reduce the likelihood of RSI (repetitive strain injuries)
  • Alleviates symptoms of stress such as headaches, eyestrain and insomnia
  • Promotes overall health and has a balancing effect on the body
  • Leaves you feeling relaxed, revitalised and energised


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