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About your Practitioner:dave stevens
I am a fully qualified acupuncturist / tui na massage practitioner and a full member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC)

I first became interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) through my study of Chinese martial arts and while training and competing in gymnastics at National and European level. I found that both acupuncture and tui na massage to be personally and professionally highly beneficial and decided to explore this ancient form of energetic medicine.

My training included a three-year Bachelor of Science Honours degree in acupuncture and a Licentiate Diploma in acupuncture and tui na massage which this training included the study of living and surface anatomy, physiology and pathology of disease in both Western and Chinese medicine. Also included in my study was the development of Chinese clinical diagnostic skills such as the pulse and tongue examination, acu-point location, Western neurological and orthopaedic testing and the integrated practice of Chinese and Western medicine.

I graduated from my three-year BSc (Hons) in acupuncture and Licentiate Diploma in acupuncture and tui na massage course, at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (LCTA) in 2004.

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Shortly after graduating, I travelled to Beijing and Nanjing, to work within two of the major university hospitals to further my knowledge and specialise in treating  conditions such as sports injuries, musculo-skeletal conditions (arthritis, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain) and chronic pain using a combination of acupuncture, tui na massage, cupping therapy, moxibustion and external massage media such as herbal oils, balms, linaments and plasters to help increase the therapeutic effectiveness.

Patient / Client Testimonials:
It’s always very interesting to know what other people say once they’ve had treatment with either tui na massage or acupuncture or even a combination of both modalities.  Below are some testimonials from various patients / clients that I have treated using tui na (Chinese medical massage) and/or acupuncture. 

I hope that you will find what these individuals have to say interesting.

Nigel – Health Professional in the NHS
Chronic low back pain from lumbar disc herniation (prolapsed inter-vertebral disc - PID):
I am a 48 year old Allied Health Professional in the NHS, and have had recurring low back problems for over 20 years, usually associated with prolapsed inter-vertebral discs (lumbar slipped discs)

I am allergic to non-steroid anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen etc., so pain control is a major issue for me. The last time I suffered from this condition I underwent a course of Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage). The results were very impressive. The recovery time from my condition was reduced, I was more agile during my recovery, - medical doctors recommend staying as active as possible to speed-up the body's healing process – and I actually felt better overall as a result of the treatment.

I would definitely recommend this form of treatment, certainly for anyone with a similar condition to myself, or to those with other chronic conditions, or for those who just feel generally unwell and want a little boost. I have told several of my friends about this and they are all planning to have such treatments as and when they should need them.
Nigel M Morris


Richard – Corporate Lawyer
Chronic neck pain and acute lumbar sprain:
Dave introduced me to both tui na and acupuncture. I found both treatments at times relaxing, at times exhilarating. The deep tension in my back and shoulders was gradually massaged out of me by Dave's powerful hands and excellent technique. I felt renewed and reinvigorated after the treatments. I would recommend it to anyone.
Richard Davies


Chris – Self-employed Painter and Decorator
Post-operative knee trauma (meniscal tear and arthoscopy):
I have done Chinese martial arts for many years and in 2004 I injured my knee.  It was very painful and restricted both my training and my everyday life.  Initially, my GP sent me for physiotherapy and then referred me to an Orthopaedic Consultant who carried out an arthroscopy, tidying up the cartilage and ‘washing’ out my knee.  The NHS had provided me with the available treatment but my knee was only slightly improved - months later I still had swelling, restricted movement and pain.

I have known Dave for many years through my martial arts but hadn’t seen him for a while. During that time he had completed his Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine training and he suggested that he may be able to help with my knee problems. I already had a deep interest in Chinese culture and history  but knew very little about Chinese medicine.  Western medicine had done all it could so I felt I had nothing to lose.

Over the next few months, Dave treated my knee problems with acupuncture, moxibustion and Tui Na massage.  During the first treatment I could feel changes beginning to happen and this improvement continued.  At the end of my course of treatment I had no pain, no swelling, full movement and was able to resume my normal training with no restrictions.  That was more than 1 year ago and it is the same today.

Thank you Dave!
Chris Tappenden


Sean – Police Sergeant, Metropolitan Police
Chronic low back pain from multiple lumbar disc herniation (prolapsed disc):
Suffering from a chronic lower back complaint, and seemingly abandoned by the NHS I was introduced to Dave by a friend. Disillusioned with the lack of support from mainstream medicine, and sceptical of alternative treatments, I reluctantly booked an appointment.

From my initial consultation it was immediately obvious Dave was different. His perceptive assessment was thorough and professional, his knowledge and understanding clearly evident, his passion and enthusiasm infectious.

Has it worked? Well, I’m standing taller and straighter, my back feels stronger, and is definitely less prone to those debilitating spasms. The pain has been reduced to a dull ache, but best of all I’m regaining former levels of mobility.
His treatments are working for me, and I’m sure they could work for you.
Sean Donovan


Robert – Ex-British Army / Anthropology Student
Chronic neck pain due to traumatic injury (whip lash) and associated acute back pain:
Six years ago, I sustained a permanent whiplash injury in a road traffic accident. I still suffer with regular loss of mobility and pain, which western trained doctors are unable to help me with, other than to prescribe powerful pain killers and anti-inflammatories.

I have been visiting Dave Stevens for treatment for over 2 years now, and have received both acupuncture and massage therapies for a variety of complaints (including mobility, pain, acne, colds), always with positive results. I have received tui na massage for sports injuries and am happier with the results than from any other treatment I had tried in the past.

Primarily though, I have ongoing treatment for my permanent whiplash injury.  Western trained doctors and physiotherapists have generally been unable to help me with the excessive and consistent stiffness, loss of mobility and pain within my neck, back, and shoulders.

With Dave’s treatments I will always regain mobility and comfort for longer periods of time than with other practitioners, including chiropractors and osteopaths as he uses a combination of tui na (Chinese medical massage) and traditional acupuncture and incorporates a range of techniques. 

His ability to get the whole body balanced is an important aid to recovery and I always recommend Dave as a therapist to friends and family and would do so for anyone else.

Dave's treatments have given me my life back as I can now work again, and do not have to rely on a regime of pain killers.
Robert Rand


Michelle - Events Organiser
Chronic back pain:
I can't recommend Tui Na Massage enough. After 15 years of back pain, exaserbated by a pro-lapsed disk two years ago, this is the most pain free I have been. Since beginning treatment with Dave Stevens 6 months ago, Tui Na Massage has been fantastic in managing my back pain in a way that previous methods (physiotherapy/osteopathy/chiropractic care) did not.

Dave Stevens is a responsible and professional practitioner and the Tui Na Massage therapy I have received has greatly improved my condition.
Michelle O'Brien


Robert – Building Contractor / Door Supervisor
Testicular Cysts:
I visited my GP to get myself checked out as I was suffering from quite alot of discomfort in the groin region and was told that I had developed a cyst on one of the tubes of my testicles.  When I saw Dave, he gave me a diagnosis according to Chinese Medicine and then explained what the next stage of treatment would be.

The treatment I had was a combination of acupuncture, tui na massage and patent herbal medicine.  The session started with tui na massage, activating points / meridians relating to my condition and help to relax me as this was my first time with this type of therapy.  The next stage of treatment encompassed acupuncture where very fine, sterile disposable needles were placed in strategic point locations in order to disperse pain and stagnation.

The sensation was very tense at first and then I felt almost immediate relief and comfort.  Finally,  I was given a course of patent herbal medicine which helped to dissipate and release the accumulation of dampness and stagnation in my groin.  The effects were that extreme that the next day I had no pain in my groin and that the cyst felt like it had started to deplete in size.

Thank you Dave..!!
Robert Langwith


Philip - Freelance Writer & Novelist
Chronic Lateral Epicondyle Tendonitis (Tennis Elbow) & Low Back Pain.
After spending almost a year suffering with a painful elbow injury, I was amazed (and still am) that after only four sessions I am now able to train pain free. I don’t exactly understand what he did, but it really worked! He is now helping me with an old back problem and I have already felt a considerable improvement in just a couple of sessions. I seriously cannot recommend Dave Stevens enough.
Philip Wurlitzer


Graham – Boxing Coach, Personal Trainer & MMA Fighter
Shoulder Dislocation:
I dislocated my shoulder in an MMA fight Sept 20th 2009. Two months later I’m am back in light training thanks to the work of Dave Stevens. As I started to get some mobility back in the shoulder joint, it was time to start to strengthen the joint.

The only problem I had was certain movements were still unachievable until, Dave decided to tape the muscles around the shoulder joint . I at them time did not think it would have the impact that it did, once the joint was taped it stabilised which allowed me pain free movement, which meant I could get on with the strength work of the shoulder joint. Very impressed and Very happy that I can get on with my training again.
Graham Boylan - The MMA Clinic


Stuart Flude
Knee injury:
In January 2012 I damaged the medial ligament in my left knee. Has a previous injury I knew that this meant 10 weeks of rehab to get back to full function. I decided on a new approach and went to see Dave Stevens. Dave assessed the injury and confirmed my diagnosis. He taped up the injury to provide support and to increase the blood flow to the area. The following week we added acupuncture to the treatment procedure and continued this for a further 4 weeks. From the initial damage in January within 6 weeks I was back to full function. Dave’s expertise and treatment had shaved 4 weeks or 40% off the normal rehab time. I would highly recommend both Dave Stevens and the treatment procedures he uses.
Stuart Flude


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