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Kinesio (Neuro-muscular) Taping for Acute & Chronic Sports Injuries & Muscular Pain.
Kinesio or neuro-muscular taping is a method of sports taping that has become an integral part of therapy for sports injury. Extensively used across Asia and the United States of America and now introduced to Europe, on many professional sports people and athletes ranging from David Beckham, Andy Murray, Serena Williams to name but a few.

This unique method of taping is fundamentally different from other methods of taping techniques. This new method gives muscles support, even during the most intense activity, without compromising circulation or range movement. The key feature is to allow the athlete and individual to continue their training and sporting activities despite injury.

Different methods of kinesio taping can also be applied so that it lifts up the skin away from the fascia, forming convolutions and facilitating lymph flow 24hrs a day. This technique can also be used to relieve pain and swelling. For the best results using this unique taping method is for it to be combined after a session and/or Chinese massage to help lengthen the effective, therapeutic results!

Q: What is kinseio (neuro-muscular) taping and how does it work?
A: It’s a method of sports taping developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a renowned traditional Japanese acupuncturist and physiotherapist in the late1970’s, where he believed “that movement and muscular activity are indispensible to maintain and/or recover good physical/health conditions”.

The principle of kinesio (neuro-muscular) taping is to offer a gentle and effective approach to the re-education of the neuro-muscular system,improvement of blood and lymph circulation, regulating the body’s temperature while improving comfort and stability of your body.

Q: How long does the tape stay on for and does it matter if I have a shower with the tape on?
A: The tape can stay in place for about 4 days maximum and yes, you can have a shower with the tape on, just pat it dry afterwards.


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